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a mediterranean diet weight loss program

Ready to ditch the cycle of yo-yo dieting? You're in the right place!

Find a better way to lose weight & keep it off, the Mediterranean way!

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You’ve tried it all… keto, diet pills, the grapefruit diet. Nothing works, or it only works for a little while and you sacrifice your health or happiness in the process.

You’ve always thought of yourself as a generally healthy eater. And yet, every year the scale increases. You’ve tried a number of different diets, but all the new diet rules and new foods to eat are overwhelming.

You wish you knew how to lose weight and keep it off without so much struggle. You know that fad diets don’t promise long-term weight loss or better health, but it seems like the only option. Unfortunately, they don't work long-term. You have lost and regained the same weight, over and over.  

Even the fad diets don’t seem to be working.

You are trying to make it work, and yet you feel confused, discouraged, and a little desperate. Despite your best efforts, your weight keeps climbing and soon you will be at your heaviest yet. You are embarrassed when you look in the mirror and your doctor has started talking about medication.

Other women make it look easy. But for you, it has been anything but.

But what if losing weight and keeping it off could be a whole lot simpler?


And I want to give you the tools to help you take back control of your weight & health!

After years of helping adults lose weight as a Registered Dietitian with a Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management (RDN, CD), I know that improving your health is not easy.

I've learned that when your weight journey feels out of control, the best thing you can do is focus on small changes you can make. A proven, evidence-based approach to weight management, with plenty of accountability and cheerleading, is what keeps my clients moving confidently in the right direction. I'd love to share this approach with you too!

My ultimate goal is to help you find a pleasurable, healthy way of eating that will enable you to get to the weight where you feel your best and keep it there. 

You can find out more about me HERE.

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Our Group Nutrition Programs are Changing Lives*:

"This program is 100% worth doing! (The experts) are informative and motivational.

Hold yourself accountable and join the Mediterranean movement!”

~Brandi B. (verified participant)

"I have learned to not be afraid of foods that contain fat or carbohydrates.

My sugar intake is at the lowest it’s ever been. I have so much more energy."

~Anonymous (verified participant)

I found it incredibly helpful being apart of a group. 

I would recommend the program to anyone looking to get a jump start on a healthy diet without making any drastic changes."

- Angie (verified participant)

Now it's your turn....

a mediterranean diet weight loss program

The expert-led program that hand-holds you through changing your diet and lifestyle.

We help you get to the weight where you feel your best and keep it there! 

Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss Program, led by our experts

Our eight-week program focuses on mastering your relationship with food and increasing self-awareness around why and how you eat to assist in managing weight. By the end of our time together, you will feel confident, motivated, and totally in control of your nutrition journey.

If you are overwhelmed, discouraged, or find yourself jumping from diet to diet with little long-term success, this is an opportunity that I promise you will not want to miss.

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What sets "THRIVE: a Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss Program" Apart?

This program is designed to assist you in mastering your everyday nutrition so you can rock your weight loss goals and keep the weight off for good. We show you how to lose weight in a way that also looks after your health and happiness.  

We Give You Everything You Need:


The content you need to create a plan that works for YOU. Includes all manner of instruction so you can use what works best for your learning style: live sessions, prerecorded videos, written materials.


Expert coaching by a Registered Dietitian to keep you on track, especially when you get stuck. Your coach is your cheerleader, educator, motivator, and sometimes a (gentle) kick in the pants!


The power of committing for eight weeks, with a group of like-minded people, cannot be understated. There's no "starting over on Monday" when you have the accountability of a strong community.

Trust Our Program, Built by Experts:


Based on the Principles of the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet has been named the "Best Overall Diet" for FOUR years in a row by top health experts. No prior knowledge is necessary. We teach you everything in easy-to-understand bites.


Using the Science of Behavioral Modification

Knowing what to eat isn't enough. You need to know how to help yourself follow through, too. You know that it isn't as easy as it sounds! Let us guide you to make better decisions and find greater success.


Hand-holding Every Step of the Way

Our proven program will empower you to change your life with simple, effective nutrition strategies and direct support from our nutrition experts. All we ask from you is commitment & a positive attitude.

You deserve to make your health a priority

Registration opens only a few times per year. Don't miss your chance!

  • Access to Thrive: a Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss Program, our expert-led weight management course that includes both video and written materials to cater to your learning style (a $99 value).
  • Health Improvement Journey Workbook to take you step-by-step through the course, filled with practical worksheets to help you apply the lessons right away (a $29 value).
  • Work directly with our Weight Loss Expert and Registered Dietitian in twice-monthly group coaching sessions (coaching sessions valued at $599).
  • Enjoy accountability and community with like-minded others in a private Facebook Group (a $15 value).
  • Free Bonus: Mediterranean Diet Quick Start Guide, full of life-changing information (a $20 value).
  • Free Bonus: Favorite Recipes Cookbook, with Mediterranean Diet recipes designed to help you manage your weight (a $19 value).
  • Free Bonus: several printable resources to help you stay focused and make real changes in the least amount of time (a $7 value).
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People are seeing amazing success with the Mediterranean Diet*:

"I've lowered my blood pressure and cholesterol and have kept diabetes away after losing 47 lbs with this new way of eating. It will be 5 months for me following this diet.

Loving it, feeling so much better." 

~Micheline N.

"The last blood test I had, everything was up: bad cholesterol, sugar, hemoglobin, and pain.  My doctor and friends were all concerned. 

Since starting the Mediterranean Diet, I have lost 39 lbs!"

- Jerry K.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a birthday, wedding, etc coming up. Can I still do the program?

Yes, we encourage you to! For many people, it’s pretty unlikely to go two months without some type of celebration or festive eating occasion.

In many cases, it’s actually preferable to do this program while you are also navigating life circumstances… because that’s how life is going to be once the program is over! You will be learning how to make healthier choices even in the midst of all the things life throws at us!

The Program runs from Oct 4 through Dec 4.

How do I know this program is for me?

The Thrive Program is for anyone looking to master their relationship with food so they can move confidently towards their health and weight goals.

Are you ready to ditch the fad diets and commit to learning better nutrition strategies? Are you ready to positively impact your health and your weight? Do you like having expert-created resources that show you exactly how to confidently move towards your healthy living goals? Have you ever wanted to work directly with a nutrition expert to help you achieve your goals?

Then this program is for you!

What's included with my purchase price? What happens after I purchase?

This program includes several parts: a written Workbook, prerecorded videos, email support, live group coaching calls, bonus materials like cookbooks and printable worksheets, and a private Facebook group.

All the materials for the program will be sent to you the day before the program begins. Instructions will be provided for accessing live coaching calls and the Facebook group, should you desire to do so.

(Your attendance at the live coaching calls is not required, but recommended. We will make recordings available to you as well.)

Are there any prerequisites to the program?

You do not need to have any nutrition knowledge in order to participate.

In order for this program to have the maximum benefit, you should be willing and able to make your health a priority. You should plan to invest between 2 and 4 hours per week in this program. That time will be split between the videos, group involvement, and lifestyle modifications.

The return on this time investment will be moving towards a healthier, lighter you!  

Is this Program worth the investment?

In a word.... YES! Research shows confidently that structured programs, expert instructions, and nutrition plans yield great results.

This is how we have designed our program: with the curriculum, coaching, and commitment that you need.

In addition to this, accountability is huge in effectively shaping behavior change, according to the latest research. The American Society of Training and Development found that you’re 95% more likely to succeed at a goal if you have ongoing appointments with your accountability partner or group. You will receive accountability from your Dietitian in coaching calls and from fellow program members in the Facebook group.

Increased accountability means better results. You can do things that you couldn’t do without it!

Will I have to buy any "special foods" or supplements?

No “special foods” or supplements are required! This program will help you understand the positives and negatives of your current lifestyle and the best ways to to move to a healthier way of eating.

By the end of 8 weeks, you will have an eating strategy that is perfectly suited to your palate and lifestyle!

Why is this Program 8 weeks long? I want to lose weight right now!

The Program is two months long because it takes 66 days on average to create and test a new set of habits. 8 weeks is long enough for many people to go through parties, work events, or holidays. You can work with your Registered Dietitian to create strategies for all of these life events so that you can be successful not just during the program but in your longer-term life too!

Happily, many clients start seeing results in the very first couple of weeks! Aside from weight loss, our clients report having more energy, less bloating, better blood sugar control, improved confidence in their food choices, and less brain fog in the very first week or two.

It is advised that you strive to lose one to two pounds per week for long-term weight loss. This is exactly what you can work towards with our program!

Is this a book?

No, the written resources (workbooks, cookbooks, and bonus downloads) are provided to you as digital downloads, which you are welcome to print if you prefer. Nothing will be shipped to you.

This program also provides you with access to prerecorded videos, live coaching calls, and a private Facebook group. These resources are all to be consumed via computer, tablet, mobile phone, or internet connected device.

Is a group program effective?

Yes, it really is.

The group accountability allows many people to achieve what is pretty hard to do on their own: modify their diet and lifestyle in a way that sets them up for lifetime success.

The expert guidance by our Registered Dietitian ensures that the dietary changes you make will be in line with nutrition recommendations for best health. No more fad dieting or yo-yo dieting.  

But, you can absolutely do this program alone, if you prefer. The group coaching calls and private Facebook group are awesome opportunities for community. You can alternatively follow along with the prerecorded videos and workbook and still achieve great results.

What topics will be covered in the course?

Part of the benefit of this program is not only what you will learn through the workbook and videos, but also during the live coaching calls.

Here's a simply of what will be covered during the program:

• Analysis of current lifestyle
• SMART goals
• Nutrition 101
• Overview of weight management principles
• How to build a healthy plate the Mediterranean Way
• Meal planning and prepping
• Mealtime tips
• Dining out without regret
• Intuitive eating
• Physical activity recommendations
• And more!


Enrollment for THRIVE: a Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss Program is closed. Join the Waitlist and be the first to know when doors open again: